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About US

Briendy Katz, president of Some Things Sell  is a seasoned entrepreneur, and industrious leader with a 25 year track record spanning several industries. The last 10 years her focus has been on the Health & Beauty sector.  She reps factories abroad, manufacturers of perfume & cosmetics and has launched many off brand, licensed and private label products.



"Since 2005 I run my company, Some Things Sell, Inc.  as an independent business consultant.   I advise my clients on all financial aspects ranging from accounting, margin analysis, costing, budgeting, auditing, financial reports, cash flow analysis, business plans, tax preparation, as well as sales, marketing and back-office operations.  I have helped my clients grow their business in a short time span by redirecting their focus on their core expertise and assisting them with vital elements for success.  By working with a diversified client base I am able to transcend the narrow view of each individual business and bring practical and proven solutions from other industries."