Since 2005 I run my company, Some Things Sell, Inc.  as an independent business consultant.   I advise my clients on all financial aspects ranging from accounting, margin analysis, costing, budgeting, auditing, financial reports, cash flow analysis, business plans, tax preparation, as well as sales, marketing and back-office operations.  I have helped my clients grow their business in a short time span by redirecting their focus on their core expertise and assisting them with vital elements for success.  By working with a diversified client base I am able to transcend the narrow view of each individual business and bring practical and proven solutions from other industries


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Regency Trading: Regency Trading is a specified commodities trading company, acting as an intermediary between established sellers and buyers in the thriving commodities industry.  As a consultant, I specialize in facilitating these connections by responding to the demands of each negotiation with adaptability and confidence. I work with the buyers and sellers as well as Sino Trust and JPMorgan Chase on the credit facilities, to coordinate and ensure compliance with target deadlines. I have identified new, successful sources of revenue streams in an ever fluctuating market.


Endeavor Asset Group: Endeavor Asset Group partners with professional sports teams and organizations to protect their brand and provide exceptional fan experiences by reselling their event tickets on the secondary market. I have worked on expanding their portfolio and analyzed their revenue streams to attract investors by emphasizing the need to mitigate risk with expansion and broader visibility. Commissioned with due diligence on an upcoming acquisition, I worked with a team of outside accountants, undertook extensive data mining, and hired financial analysts. Endeavor Asset Group    purchased another portfolio, catapulting them in a position to lucratively merge with another company.


Orgavic: Orgavic is a boutique distributor for organic and natural products. I have negotiated several exclusivity agreements, while expanding our e-commerce presence. I am actively involved in product sourcing and branding. I have worked with a celebrity partnership to maximize sales across the Orgavic brand, and have negotiated contracts with distribution channels such as L&R distributors and retail chains. Currently I am spearheading a chain wide launch for a Private Label line at Target and Walmart.


Surprisily: I have been directing this unique startup since its inception, building it from the ground up. Surprisly is a surprise gifting platform for both personal and corporate use.  I have overseen development of the website, liaised with marketing team, created a social media presence, hired staff, sourced socially conscious gifts, cultivated vendor relationships and cross promotion, paid advertising, and created a business model for this company. As a start-up, I have been involved in all aspects of the budding business and continue to guide its expansion in the corporate gifting scene, where it is poised to reap much success.


Preferred Fragrance: Preferred Fragrance is a leading developer and marketer of affordable fragrances. The New York-based company's products are sold at over 50,000 retail stores in the U.S. throughout the apparel, mass, value-priced and pharmacy sectors. Initially I was hired as a consultant   and have restructured the operations, I took over the reigns of their financials, hired and built a Sales and Marketing Team and launched many successful perfume lines. I continue to negotiate contracts with new vendors, assist with sourcing from abroad and am an integral part of the companies R&D for new products. I was a key point person in the sale and due diligence process when the company was sold to a Venture Capital Firm. Today, my direct pipeline has billings in excess of $6m in annual sales (down from $12m as we did not renew contracts on major accounts that were heavily taxing the company’s operations with unjustifiable margins).


Profusion Cosmetics: Profusion Cosmetics was established in Southern California with just a handful of makeup products. I have worked directly with its president as an independent sales rep from their humble beginnings to current, where they have grown to an international renowned brand with distribution channels in countries around the world. I am responsible for opening up markets in Germany, Australia and Canada.  I have created several replenishment programs for them, and continue to manage over 10M in annual sales.


Goldstar Electronics: An Amazon certified reseller of refurbished Apple products with over $50M in sales.  I setup a new warehouse, was responsible for design, construction and hiring staff to run the new warehouse. Introduced a new in house department for testing products and a seamless transition for their returns.  Worked on processes to create efficiencies between Satellite Company in Europe and the US Company.  Evaluated their current warehousing and sold off dead inventory.  I continue to work with the employees to create an open environment where interdepartmental communication flows easily.  I have saved the company several margin points and helped reduce the time to market on new products.


CPC Construction:  A contracting firm responsible for several multi-million dollar luxury commercial and residential developments. I have restructured their finance department, and automated their reporting and budgeting process.  Increased productivity by 100%.


Sister 2 Sister: A NY based Non for Profit providing emotional and economic support to single mothers.  I helped launch and am an active board member of this Non for profit.  Have been working with the founder from its inception to help branch out into an organization serving 700 + families.  I have provided ongoing support on structure, strategy and focus.


Adorama: Adorama has grown from its flagship NYC store to the leading online destination for photography, imaging and consumer electronics. In 2006, I facilitated the introduction and deployed a new CRM system that streamlined the entire back-office operations, customer service process as well as initiated a cross selling platform.


 Xchange Telecom: After my tenure there, I was hired as a consultant in 2007 to negotiate the post UNE-P Verizon Commercial Agreement and to assist with writing the business plan for a secondary round of financing.


IDT:  IDT Telecom is an industry leader in prepaid communication and payment services and the world's largest providers of international voice termination.  They are listed on the NYSE, employ over 1000 people across 20+ countries and have revenues in excess of $1.5 billion. In 2006 IDT made the decision to expand their phone services, and they brought me in to head up the Enterprise Team for commercial phone service.  I setup the process and trained their staff on this new initiative.  


The Current Events: An innovative publisher of Primary-12 teacher resource materials and current events newsletters for school and home use.  In 2007 I have helped them restructure the company from top down. From strategy, hiring senior personnel, infrastructure to entering into an agreement with The Daily News for a weekly column.


WW Plumbing:  A premier provider of plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning services for commercial locations throughout New York. In 2010 I restructured the company from top down so that it can meet its cash flow needs.